With the society at the brink of unprecedented circumstances, life is without a doubt inevitably rendered as at stake regardless of its pre-defined peaceful state or standardized rules and regulations. Ranging from public or private homes to a variety of business facilities, they are deemed seemingly vulnerable to certain extent of unforeseen occurrences. Such as, forced pursuits narrowed down to the idea of criminal acts and horrendous exploitations. More so, endangering the owners of the property due to unwanted instances.

What is Fencing?

As defined by Merriam’s Webster Dictionary, ‘Fencing’ is a mode of protection or barrier intended to avoid unwanted escapes or intrusion or to signify a certain boundary or borderline of a specific area. This so-called barrier is perhaps deemed as essential regardless of what kind of property you have at hand. May it be for business-related establishments or for local households or even to large-scale industries.

What is Chain wire Fencing?

Similar to an aluminum or steel fencing, this kind of fencing involves certain types of metals which is commonly known for its durability and sturdiness. Also termed as Chain Link fencing, this is a type of commercial fencing used around both private or public places. An example of this fence being utilized is those usual fences seen in the park or even in business buildings. This is a woven or materially substantiated fence typically firmed by galvanized steel and subsequently shifted into an open mesh. According to statistics, this kind of fence is one of the most common type used in Australia and other parts of the globe.

Given that it is made of steel, it is considerably durable and sturdy which can withstand sheer extrusive force. With that, this also provides an additional level of security along with its possible extent of modifications. This fence, however, depends on where the owner intend to utilize such barrier. At such, many factors must be reconsidered because certain terrains may be hard to put up with this kind along with the required minimum requirements to reaffirm its suitability.

Certain Features of Chain Wire Fencing to be considered:

A) Material Used

Usually, chain link fencing uses stainless steel to provide an extra layer of protection from rust or oxidizing chromium on its exteriors. With durability being pre-given, its flexibility or stretch ability however, is not that good. Some also uses aluminum which is somehow in the long run, less durable than the stainless steel.

“Ranging from public or private homes to a variety of business facilities, they are deemed

seemingly vulnerable to certain extent of unforeseen occurrences.”

B) Grid Size or Measurement

It is worth noting that the grid size may vary depending on the expected purpose of the fence. Basically, those fences with smaller mesh are used for high security and industrial reasons. Those with medium-sized mesh are often used in sports-related courts such as in lawn tennis, badminton and etc. Those large-sized mesh are also commonly found on residential homes. At such, sizes may vary depending on its purpose.

C) Gauge

It serves as an indicator of the chain wire fence’s strength utilized in the linked mesh. Its worth noting that the thinner the wire is, the higher its gauge also. In commercial means, its gauge is usually 6 and the highest is 13, often used in temporary fencings. Take note as well that the heavier the fence is, the most costly it becomes.

D) Wire Coating

Given that your fence uses a stainless steel, coating it further boosts its potential capacity to last. Coating perhaps is used for extra layer of protection from natural harsh environments. This point onwards, however, is optional but coating it would make your fences more resilient and durable than an uncoated chain wire fence.

Common Utilization of Chain-wire Fence:

As mentioned earlier, this kind of fence can be used almost everywhere depending on the terrain or purpose. It is seemingly versatile capped with its own extent of limitations

This type of fencing is usually used in:

  • Perimeter barrier and security fencing for public and private lots
  • Perimeter barrier for farms and gardens
  • Field Fencing ( Field events)
  • Public or private tennis court barrier
  • General Sports fencing
  • Perimeter public parks fencing
  • School’s perimeter barrier
  • Animal safety fences
  • Temporary perimeter barriers Given this account, chain-wire fencing is proven to be a versatile kind due to its multipurpose context. However, do take note of this contradicting concept about privacy. It doesn’t lay in lieu with utter privacy as its mesh are fairly open and transparent. With this circumstance, slats can be woven into smaller mesh if privacy is utterly necessary for the owner. Be wary that like all other kind of fences, all of them have their own set of advantage and disadvantages depending on the anticipated or unprecedented circumstances and its intended use.

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