If you think chain wire or mesh fencing is basic and straightforward, you might have to rethink it again. As time continues to change, different types and styles of chain wire fencing have been introduced, giving anyone various options to choose from to suit their preference. It is only natural for someone to ensure that they safeguard their property. Fencing has always been the first option in marking the boundary and offering the first form of security. It doesn’t matter whether you want to use it for your home, business, or other application. You will have to go through the various options before settling for the final selection.

Doing a fencing job doesn’t have to be costly if you plan yourself properly. It is inevitable since enhancing security around our homes is paramount. A place without fencing is an easy target for burglars to break in. Putting a fence around your site will help in solving the problem of burglary.

The purpose of any fence is to provide security and demarcate a property area. This is why you have to put various factors into consideration before installing any fence. This will ensure that you end up with the correct type of fencing and select the appropriate design. Most people prefer chain wire fencing because of the immense advantages it has to offer like;


It is affordable for most people and reliable when it comes to securing a place. It also requires minimal maintenance, which means you will incur no extra costs.

Various Designs

It comes in different designs, making it easy for you to choose something that will blend with the existing décor. You also have various color options to choose from at your disposal. some places

Easy Installation

It is fast and easy to install a chain wire fence regardless of the installation area. The main task lies in unrolling the rolled wire and fastening it.

Zero maintenance

You don’t have to worry about painting or cleaning when it comes to this type of fencing. The fact that it comes already coated to handle oxidation makes it a preferred choice.

No trespassers

You will be able to keep trespassers off your property more so if you have a garden, you will prevent them from plucking flowers from it. Chain wire fencing will safeguard your privacy.

Types of Materials used in Chain Wire Fencing

Based on its name, the primary material used in this kind of fencing is wire. However, there are different types of wire materials that are used in the production of a chain wire fence, and they include;

Galvanized Wire This type is preferable because it can go for more than ten years and requires minimal maintenance; it comes in two types before or after weaving, with a coating at the tips. They are preferable for residential use.

Aluminum Wire It is the best choice when it comes to protection against rust and corrosion. This feature comes in handy for people who reside in wet climates. It has a long life span of up to 25 years, making it very long-lasting.

Stainless Steel This material has a high level of alkali resistance and can therefore handle high temperatures. It is exceptionally durable and can handle the harshest weather conditions. It is suitable for demanding applications as it can withstand intense situations with ease.

You can easily enhance the appearance of chain wire fencing by adding some flowers to it. You can also use it to grow herbs or exotic flowers which will give it a beautiful finish. Adopting intelligent gardening techniques will also provide the fence a unique and exotic look making it appear as art.

If installed correctly and in the right environment, chain wire fencing gives out a clean look. It is advisable to engage professional contractors and get their input on whether installing chain wire fencing is viable. Keep in mind that there are some places where it cannot work since its sturdiness will be tampered with depending on the activities there. A professional will guide you on whether this type of fencing is your best option and how to go about it. You can easily get chain wire fencing. They have years of experience in the industry coupled with affordable rates and efficient service delivery.